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Why won't my account from the old bbs work?

The old bbs was running Discus. This new Bulletin board is running Vbulletin. There are no automated way of importing all the old accounts, and there is no way we are going to set up over 2000 accounts manually. We have better things to to with our spare time.

You will have to register again, but you can register using the same account and password you used on Discus, if you wish.

The 'Remember Me' functon don't work, I have to login over and over

This is not a problem with the bulletin board, the problem is with your browser.

Vbulletin uses cookies to keep track of who you are. If the security settings in your browser does not allow cookies from Discoweb to be set in your browser, Vbulletin will not know who you are when you go to a new screen.

Change your security settings to allow cookies from this site. If you don't know how, you will need to look in your browser's documentation for the steps on how to do it. Providing documentation on all available browsers out there is beyond the scope of what DiscoWeb does.

For Internet Explorer which is the most common browser used however, we can tell you that you will usually see a red 'Stop' sign in the lower right hand corner when IE prevents a cookie from being set. If you click on it, you will be able to see more information, and a screen where you can set whether or not you want to allow cookies from a specific site.

Picture attachements in posts.
Attaching pictures to your posts is permitted. By attaching a picture to your post, you are granting DiscoWeb use of said picture. This means that you are allowing Discoweb to use the picture anywhere on the site that we see fit. It also means that you allow us to copy, rename, resize and add captions to it, as we deem necessary. 'Hotlinking' i.e. inserting an image hosted on a different server is no longer permitted on DiscoWeb. We also reserve the right to remove any picture from any post if we deem it to be obscene, unfitting or if we believe it is a copyrighted image owned by somebody other than the poster.

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